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How to turn an Unproductive Day into a Day well spent

Shitty days. We all have them, and they know exactly where to hit you. For me it usually happens after I’ve had a totally awesome run for a few weeks maybe months. You get up in the morning like any other day and for some reason – nothing seems to work. You turn on your laptop,

Competition – 2 Dribbble invites are up for grabs!

I think it was about a year ago (I can’t remember the exact date) when I was invited to Dribbble. I was so eager to get it, that when the day came I didn’t really know what to do next. If you don’t know what Dribbble is here’s a quick explanation. Dribbble is an invite-only social network

Hello world! My personal blog is officially launched!

I couldn’t be happier to release this baby to the world. For some time now, I’ve had thoughts about having my own personal blog (and also some kind of a portfolio) to share thoughts, ideas, tips, and entrepreneurial adventures with the world. The truth is – I suck at writing, especially in English which is not my native language.